Spill the Beans

Collection of Industry Professional Stories


Spill the Beans is a collection of industry professional stories and was created in hopes to shed light on various careers through raw and honest conversations. From idea to execution, I was able to bring my passion project to fruition and it is still in the works today.

Visual/Brand Design, Web Development, User Research, Wire Framing, Product Management

Webflow, Figma, Photoshop, Procreate
September 2020 - Present

Currently have over 100+ applicants and 40+ stories live on our site. (Nov. 16,2020)
Grace in college
🧐 Why Spill the Beans?
When I was in college, I never knew what field I wanted to pursue but I always knew I wanted to help others through my craft. I researched online, tried to connect with people on Linkedin, but still, I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't find a page or a site where real-life experiences were shared from industry professionals easily and accessibly and decided that it would have been helpful if one existed.

A lot of people actually emailed me asking me to share how I got into the field of UX/UI and I realized that real experiences and advice from those who were further along their career were extremely insightful for those starting off. What better way to learn about a craft than from the people around you. That's when I decided to combine the skills that I accumulated over the years to publish my own site and create Spill the Beans.

P.S. It's spilltheBEAN.org since spilltheBEANS was taken πŸ˜‚
πŸ—“ Timeline
September 2, 2020 - After speaking to my friend about my idea, she encouraged me to follow through with it. That night I remember staying up until 4 AM to pour my idea into Figma and eventually moved my designs to WebFlow to work out the details.
Sept. 2, 2020- Working at 4 AM
September 8, 2020 - Nervous and excited, I officially announced the launch of Spill the Beans on Linkedin with only two stories on the site. I didn't expect much feedback and I envisioned myself having to privately reach out to individuals to ask if they'd be willing to share their stories. To my surprise, I received 450+ reactions and 50+ applicants willing to share their story on our platform on the very first week of launch!
Sept. 8, 2020- Launched Spill the Beans
Present Day- With over 15,000+ page views to date and 40+ stories currently in our pantry, Spill the Beans is currently in the works to continually improve and bring a great experience for more stories to be shared and read.
✏️ Wireframing
I laid out what I wanted my website to look like on Figma and used it as a skeleton to further enhance and adjust the sizing and designs on Webflow.
Low Fidelity Desktop Wireframes
Sticky Top Navigation - Iteration #1
There were many changes that had to be made as I continually added more stories to our pantry. Some of the changes I immediately adjusted was the idea of having a top sticky navigation. When viewing stories on mobile, it was apparent that it would be difficult for viewers to scroll up or down to either exit the page or view a new story. The solution to this problem was to have a sticky navigation throughout the site.
Initial Non-Sticky Navigation
Current Sticky Navigation
Spill the Beans Navigation Bar
View All Beans - Iteration #2
As more beans and stories were shared, I wanted to display all the beans collected in one page. I decided that having a "View All Beans" page would be helpful to see all beans at once and to also see which stories were the most recent.
"View all Beans" Wireframe and Live Site
There are still so many more changes that are planned and projected for the future so please stay tuned 😁
πŸ–Ό Visual Design
When deciding on the UI for Spill the Beans, I knew I wanted something extremely minimal. I thought of incorporating color into the site but decided to keep the main theme black and white with subtle hints of color throughout for emphasis. I also made my website purely illustration based since I wanted to bring back the uniqueness of hand drawn drawings.
Spill the Beans Logo Iteration
And now.....drum roll please!! πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯
Spill the Beans Live Site
πŸš€ What's Next?
β€’ I hope to create a new filter system for the "All Beans"Β page to make it easier for viewers to find what they're looking for.
β€’ Β I need to decide how to eventually archive stories but make it easy for viewers to easily search for past stories that they would like to view.
β€’ Continually find more beans to share their story and improve on illustrations.
🌱 What I Have Learned
β€’ ❀️ There's an AWESOME community out there, you just have to go and find it! Through this experience I think I'm most thankful for the connections I've built. The fact that people are willing to take the time to share about their career journey to help those around them still amazes me to this day and I'm so so thankful. I learn so much from all the stories I read and I'm confident others will too.
β€’ 😱 It doesn't have to be perfect. Yup, I said it. I had so many doubts on why I shouldn't publish this idea which is why I pushed it off for many years. I wanted to make my idea and designs as pristine as possible, but soon realized that it's okay to make changes along the way and not have everything figured out. Getting hung up on a "perfect"Β design would be unrealistic and would mean no idea would ever be brought to life.
β€’ 🌻 Use what you know and expand on it. I have so much more to learn but I'm glad I'm able to have the opportunity to continually enhance my skillsets through the mistakes and successes I make through my own site. Spill the Beans is still in the works today and I'm excited to see where it'll go in the future.

Thank you for reading!